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Bank Regulation Please respond to thefollowingFrom the f

    ‘Bank Regulation’ Please respond to thefollowing:From the first e-Activity, determine the affect theregulation you researched will have on the global economy. Provide an exampleor evidence to support your response.  (Research the Internet or theStrayer Library to locate and read about a recent (within the last 12 months)U.S. banking regulation that has been adopted and not yet implemented. Beprepared to discuss.)Determine an area(s) that appear to have too much governmentregulation regarding commercial banks. Then, suggest an alternative toregulation.’Bank Management’ Please respond to thefollowing:Considering the bank you currently use, determine thebiggest risk this bank faces in today’s economic climate. Then, suggest howthat risk can be mitigated. Speculate to the risks that e-Banking creates.Then, provide a solution to lessen the risk for one of these risks.

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