Babbie discusses operationalization choices and offers fourr

Babbie discusses operationalization choices and offers fourresearch questions and ways to address them.  Choose two of the questionsand discuss how the applications mentioned are good choices or how they may notbring about the expected results.Operationalizationis the development of specific research procedures that will result inempirical observations representing those concepts in the real world (Babbie, 2013).Range of variationThe questionsasked is,” to what extend is the research willing to combine attributes infairly gross categories” (Babbie, 2013p. 137)?In the firstapplication, the research on women being more passionate than men has a goodsample since it has equal men and women participating in a manner to ensurethat the two have equal chances. However, looking closely at the setup, it maynot be possible to get the required results since all the subjects answered ina similar manner suggesting that they would chose to help someone in troublesince it was the right thing to do in the situation. Hence this may not havebeen a good question as the answers received will not be correct. At the sametime the range of variation may not be good (Mueller,2004).Variation between the extremesThe question askedis, “to what degree is the operationalization of a variable precise” (Babbie, 2013 p.139)? Based on this, what it boils down to is how fine you will make thedistinctions among the various possible attributes composing a given variable. In the above case,since both men and women answered the same way, the variation between theextremes might not be correct (Babbie, 2013).This is an answer you gave above  (Can you give me an answer to the follow up question below)  thank youLet’s discuss Chapter7.  Suppose you were conducting a survey comparing two groups (e.g., menand women). How many participants would you survey for each group and why? Atwhat number do you feel like you’d be able to ‘generalize’ yourresults?Babbie, E. (2013). The practice of social research.Cengage Learning.This is the Book I’m using

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