Associated Learning Objectives/Learning Outcomes1.Perform ev

Associated Learning Objectives/Learning Outcomes1.Perform evaluations on other students and perform a self-evaluation.2.Develop a Professional development plan for selfPoints: 10 (5% of final grade)INSTRUCTIONS:As a new HIM professional, you will be responsible for maintaining a record of your continuing education as well as your employees. You are the new supervisor of an HIM department. Develop a database (Access or Excel) to track the education/training information for employees in your department. Include in the database the following information: The name, title, year of hire, and credential (if applicable) for each employee. Columns for internal in-service programs – dates, topics, number of contact hours. Column for outside continuing education activities– dates, topics, number of contact hours, location and sponsoring organization. Complete the first row of your chart with a fictitious name and information for that employee. You can also choose to use yourself. What type of reports can you generate from this report (add at the bottom of the report).This is a creative assignment

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