AssignmentYou are to analyze one person with whom you have a

AssignmentYou are to analyze one person with whom you have a personal relationship. ApplyHow the relationship got started. First impressions?One of the best time you’ve shared together.One of the worst or most difficult times you’ve had together. Conflict points in your relationship or substantive areas where you disagree.The advantages and disadvantages of your relationship.What is their biggest fear? (in life)People whom they admire and whyWriting the paper:Analyze your relationship with your partner. How did you learn to deal with conflict? Were you socialized to use passive, assertive or aggressive strategies? How does your gender affect the way you deal with conflict? What cultural influences do you see as having an effect? Are you comfortable with the way in which you deal with conflict? Think of a time when you were involved in a conflict? Did the conflict come to a satisfactory end? If so, how? Why do you think this conflict arose? How might you avoid such a conflict in the future? Think of a recent conflict you have experienced . How was power distributed in the confrontation? Do you feel you handle the conflict in a non assertive, indirect, passive aggressive, assertive, or aggressive way? Most importantly: Do all the above utilizing some of the concepts and theories from the documents below. You are required to create a work cited page and in-text citation the concepts and theories from these two chapters.

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