Assignment&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp &nbspIn this Assignment, you will demonstr

Assignment       In this Assignment, you will demonstrate your understanding of monopoly pricing, based on different management criteria, the impact of price regulation of monopolies, and provide detailed explanations of how price effect and quantity effect cause marginal revenue to be different from the price.  Questions 1. The Gulf Sea Turtle Conservation Group (GSTCG), a 501(c) (3) non–profit group of volunteers working to collect data on nesting sea turtles and to promote sea turtle conservation, is considering creating a video to educate people about sea turtle conservation. The cost of duplicating the video on a DVD and mailing the DVD is $6.58. In a GSTCG member meeting, the video plan was discussed. Table 1. shows the expected demand for the DVD at different suggested donation levels, and they can act as a single-price monopolist if they choose to. The receipts will be used to fund GSTCG supplies for their data collection and conservation work. At the end of each sea turtle nesting season, any excess funds are donated by the GSTCG to a local non-profit sea turtle research and rehabilitation facility.Table 1.Suggested Donation per DVD RequestAnticipated Number of DVD Requests$19.00 0$15.00 2$9.50 4$7.75 10$3.00 15$0.00 20     a. Complete Table 2. by computing the Total Revenue, Marginal Revenue, and Profit columns.Table 2.Suggested Donation per DVD RequestAnticipated Number of DVD RequestsTotal RevenueMarginal RevenuePROFIT$19.00 0   $15.00 2   $9.50 4   $7.75 10   $3.00 15  This question has not been answered.Create a free account to get help with this and any other question!SIGN UPSimilar QuestionsHypothesis TestUse the Internet to research articles on hypothesis test and its application inbusiness. Select one (1) company oro…Increasing Awareness for Sport Performance Please respond with 200 words ,12 font times roman,citations references no plagiarism.Please answere the questions Wh…Rhetorical Analysis for ‘Whales R Us’Two pages long, 5 paragraphs, I will give more details about the structure for the paragraphs…. Business questionsEach question below should have a minimum 200 word response.u31.What is the risk structure of interest rates? And, what ar… Comparing and Contrasting Theories of LearningFor this written assignment, you will demonstrate your understanding of theoretical perspectives by creating a compare and…Tv censorship essay1500 word essay help…Related Tagsessaymanagementinformal numbersvalueprivacy rightstaksoverland truckingBoston Crab Meatanalyticseducationalcase studydigitalBook GuidesOliver Twistby Charles DickensThe Two Towersby J. R. R. TolkienThe Jade Peonyby Wayson ChoyThe Unwinding of the Miracleby Julie Yip-WilliamsWhat Happenedby Hillary ClintonMacbethby William ShakespeareThe Book Thiefby Markus ZusakFreakonomicsby Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. LevittStudypool values your privacy. Only questions posted as Public are visible on our website.Most Popular Answers tv censorship essay tv censorship essay I have an essay due in 5 hours and its1500 words. I’m in a time crunch so I really need help.TOPIC:In considering the censorship of sex and violence, we need to balance freedom of expression with potential harms to people.  For this essay topic,  I want you to consider adults, rather than children, and I want you to choose one media form of film, television OR video games.  Using reliable scholars and thinkers to help you, present an argument for each side of the debate  (A) to censor  B) not to censor  Then in the third part of your essay, C) describe your position on this issue, including your reasons for supporting one side or another. Reinforcement and Punishment Reinforcement and Punishment Identify 3-5 examples of gender related behaviors that are developed through reinforcement or punishment.How these behaviors have been shaped by reinforcement and punishment? 1000 Word Paper-Science 1000 Word Paper-Science Energy ChoicesWorldwide energy consumption varies dramatically, but the impacts are shared by all. The most commonly used fuel sources for energy around the world are the fossil fuels: coal, oil, and natural gas. Combustion of fossil fuels releases pollutants to the atmosphere, where the emissions from all countries combine to cause local, regional, and global issues. One of the primary pollutants of concern is carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. Carbon dioxide emissions are responsible for climate change and governments around the world have taken steps to control pollution, but not all countries are successful in reducing carbon emissions.While all countries produce pollution and emit greenhouse gasses, the emissions are greatly unequal across the globe. Consider what kinds of factors would determine how much energy is used by a country, a region, a household, or an individual. What factors would influence the fuel choices made by these people and institutions?Conduct research to determine the common fuel sources, emissions, and total energy consumption by the United States and a developing country of your choice, such as China, India, or Brazil.CIA. (2015). The world factbook. Retrieved from Energy Information Administration. (2015). International energy statistics. Retrieved from are the primary sources of emissions? What is the industrial or agricultural profile of the country?What are the similarities and differences in the fuel sources, emissions, and consumption between the two countries?What are the countries’ levels of involvement in worldwide emissions regulations?Discuss solutions or regulations to energy use in high-demand countries. How can high-use and low-use countries work together to reduce overall emissions?In working together to make these reductions, how would you address possible cultural differences and diversity concepts that will emerge because of this partnership? Describe how low and high use countries can bridge cultural differences through strategic partnerships.Support your arguments with documented evidence from credible sources using APA formatting and an APA style reference page.Your Assignment should be written in an essay format, with an introduction and conclusion. The paper will require you to include details from research including the course materials and sources you locate on your own. Use APA format to cite your sources of information, both within parenthetical citations and also within a reference page at the end of the project.Basic Writing Expectations:A minimum of 1000 words, not counting the title or reference pagesAt least 3 academic resources utilizedInclude a title page, double space, font size 10 or 12Include a highly developed viewpoint/thesis, purpose, and exceptional contentDemonstrate superior organization: use logicFree of grammar and spelling errorsNo evidence of plagiarism. Note: no more than 10% of your paper should be directly quoted from any outside source.Use the APA style for all in-text citations, references, and essay bodyTurnitin AnalysisA special feature is available to help you with reviewing your Unit 6 Assignment for plagiarism. When you submit your Assignment to the Unit 6 Dropbox, your Assignment will automatically be analyzed by the plagiarism detection tool, Turnitin. Soon after you submit your Assignment, you will be able to view the Turnitin Originality Report. Originality Reports provide a summary of matching or highly similar text found in a submitted paper. When an Originality Report is available for viewing, an icon will appear in the report column of the Assignment Inbox. Originality Reports are only available in the InBox. For this reason, you will need to download the report prior to the grading of the Unit 6 Assignment. To do this, click on the print icon at the bottom of the Originality Report. This will prepare a readable, PDF version of the Originality Report that you can save to your computer.essay about James Joyce’s Story ‘ the dead’ 3 pages essay about James Joyce’s Story ‘ the dead’ 3 pages Argues how the value of either assimilationism or separatism is conveyed in James Joyce’s story ‘The Dead’ is 3 pages New QuestionNew QuestionNew Question New QuestionNew QuestionNew Question New QuestionNew QuestionNew QuestionStatistics – Design Statistics – Design A professor was curious about the impact of student diet, especially sugar and caffeine, on test performance. She invited students from her classes to participate in a study before their mid-term exams. Forty students accepted the invitation to participate. The professor randomly assigned them to her experimental groups. The students in one group were told not to change their food or drink consumption during the week before their exams, but to record everything they ate and drank in a diary. The students in the second group were also asked to record their nutritional intake in the same kind of diary, but were also given unlimited free coffee at the campus coffee shop. The students in the third group received both free coffee and free donuts at the coffee shop, and again were asked to record everything they ate and drank. The professor planned to use the average of their mid-term grades as the dependent variable.1. How would you label the design of this study? (Use words and symbolic notation.)2. Were the groups equivalent at the onset of the study? How do you know?3. Are any threats to the internal validity of the study apparent to you? If so, which threats do you see, and how might they affect the study results? Can you think of any alternative designs to address the same research question and increase control of the internal validity threats? 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