Assignment ThreeYour text has defined a method to calculate

Assignment ThreeYour text has defined a method to calculate GDP as C+I+G+(X-M)Go to the US Department of Commerce’sBureau of Economic Analysis website located at  Click on the National GDP for the latest release for data.  Use the information provided in the article to identify what the percentage change has been for any three of the variables (C,I,G,X, or M) used to calculate GDP.  Be sure to provide citations to identify the exact latest release you used.  Without this citation, I will not know what release to review when grading your assignment.Discussion 2 (Chapter5)Discussion Boards are graded based upon your ability to relate the courses material to the topic under discussion, the level to which you support your point with specific examples and your writing.  Discussion Boards are not a place to over generalize, vent, use informal writing or use language not appropriate for a professional environments. Be sure to provide citations for where you draw your information.  If you need help writing a citation, please contact theSUNYCantonWritingCenter.  Either MLA or APA formats are acceptable. This discussion board requires two postings. TheSummary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions by Federal Reserve District is known as the Beige Book.  The Beige Book is published by the Federal Reserve system 8 times a year.  The publication provides an overall summary of the state of the US economy as well a summaries for the 12 Federal Reserve Districts.  The 12 districts are known by their regional headquarters or Federal Reserve Bank.  The districts are 1 Boston, 2 New York, 3 Philadelphia, 4 Cleveland, 5 Richmond, 6 Atlanta, 7 Chicago, 8 St. Louis, 9 Minneapolis, 10 Kansas City, 11 Dallas, and 12 San Francisco.  If you will notice, I have assigned a number to each region. Locate the Beige Book on the web.  In the most current publication, read the overall national summary and the regional summary for the region that corresponds to your birth month.  I was born in October so my region would be number 10 Kansas City.  After reading the two summaries you have been assigned, write at least a 150 word posting that identifies how you regional summary compares to the national summary.  Include in your posting in what ways the your region matches the nation and in what ways it does not.  This is the first posting you need to do.  After reading postings on other students, select one to respond to.  You must select a posting that was not from the same region you had.  Your response should be at least 150 words.  Your response should identify the similarities or differences between your region and this second regionThis is a simple economics question. tutor selected is expected to show  knowledge of the course in their delivery. I shall report Incompetent work and withdraw funds.APA style

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