Assignment three

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Case Study 2: Implementation Strategies

Due Week 7 and worth 175 points

Your proposed information system is still a contender. The executives, however, are asking whether it is

too limited to prevent the shadow IT projects that continue to take place throughout the organization.

They believe that you have considered what the organization does now, but how will your system adapt to

new products and processes? Read IQMS (2015) for a concrete example of what they mean.

You’ll have to quell their fears, so it’s time for another memo. Please focus on these points:

1. Identify any significant changes that your organization might reasonably make in its product

offerings in the next 3 years. Explain the competitive benefits of this change.

2. Explain how your information system addresses or can adapt to the introduction of these new

product offerings.

3. Give one reason why capabilities for the new product offerings should or should not be

incorporated in the initial information system design. Justify your reason.

This memo should be 3–5 pages long.


IQMS. (2015). Quick Response Manufacturing Yields Lower Inventories & Improves cash flow. Retrieved



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