Assignment Sheet (Page 1)Choose a topic that is of interest

Assignment Sheet (Page 1)Choose a topic that is of interest to you that relates to Urban Educational Leadership/Multicultural Education. You must: (a) Identify scholarly literature that relates to your topic. (b) write a narrative that explicates (defines and assesses) the literature that you essay have chosen: (c) Argue for the significance of your topic (howwhy is the topic that you chose important for policy makers, practitioners, researchers, etc.); (d) Develop a (mock) conceptual framework around which your work is centered: and (e) decide how you will find out more about this topic. n other words, how will you learn more than what is already written about this topic. (f) Execute your plan for finding out more; (interviews) (g) analyze what you found out, don’t just re-tell it (g) What does what you found out really mean? How does what you found out impact education policy, practice and research? Use APA (h) Provide a References Section A through E are due September 30. Final sections due October 21.Assignment Sheet (Page 2)Multicultural Education Final Paper Assignment sheet (Page 2, more explanation of the same thing)*Do not try to write this paper until you have completed a THOROUGH outline that spells out the important aspects of what will be in your paragraphs. In your final paper, do NOT use roman numerals or letters even though numerals and letters are used below. Use sed APA.I.Introduction: In this portion of your paper, you engage the reader by explaining clearly what the focus of your research is and why it’s important. You also describe why you were drawn to finding out more about the problem and asking these questions. Remember that part of what you need to do in the introduction is ‘hook’ your reader. After that, you should cover:A.Research questions (what is your research question?Must be approved).B.Significance (Why is this topic important? why should it be researched?).ll. (Becoming)conceptual Framework (no points will be given or taken away for this section even though in a less ‘mock’ research paper, it could be argued that this is the most important section in a full blown research paper)III.Literature Review: write an organized literature review using 8-1o peer reviewed sources. organize your literature review into ‘themes.’ The themes can sometimes help you decide upon various ‘research topics’ that you need to learn more about in order to conduct your research project and make sense of what you will earn as you collect data (interviews). At any rate, this section should account for what you read to support your research. The literature review should be analytical and narrative, not just a re-telling of the information within each book. In other words, you should be able to list your themes and write about them from the informed perspective of the authors you chose, yet in your own words, using citations from those authors as evidence of your theme. IV.Data Collection: In detail, account for how you collected data. You explain whom you interviewed, where and why? Also, explain the entire process that you used to get the data you got. In detail, explain how you analyzed your data. V.Findings:This section should explain exactly how you analyzed your data if you have done any kind of pilot study. Identify overall themes and categories. Look at your interviews and determine the big categories /themes. This part explains what the categories you’ve drawn from your analysis actually mean and themes with regard to your question. VI. Implications: What are the implications for your own policy, practice, and research what the implications for the larger world of education. This is also where you get to say what you’ve learned. VII. Conclusion The conclusion reminds the reader of why all of this is important (reprise of ‘significance’ in the introduction). It summarizes major learning. It raises questions that are still unanswered and it ends with what you think ought to be done about the problem you chose to study-not only for your own classrooms, schools, and students but for all. IX.References Here you list all the references you used in APA format. See getting it http/lowl english, which provides tremendous help in right. For number ofentries see Literature Review above.About the prise i want it 10$ per page and i don’t know the page numbers now and i will ask about the tomorrow.

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