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    ASSIGNMENT IS DUE TOMORROW 4PM EASTERN TIME  NO APA NEEDED. FOR TOM MUTUNGA ONLYYYYYYYY 1) Challenges are inherent to strategic planning, such as lack of planning time, lack of focus or objectives, not involving the correct team members, or failing to create a measurement metric for evaluation.  Click here to read the article, “Practical Techniques for Strategic Planning in Healthcare Organizations,” by Varkey and Bennet.Then, select and examine a specific challenge of strategic planning, discuss why this is a significant problem, and offer at least two methods of overcoming this challenge.  2) Stellar Packaging Products’ controller, Robin Simmons, recently completed the direct materials and direct labor variance analyses for the current period. The direct materials price variance for plastic was unfavorable; the direct materials efficiency variance for plastic was favorable. In addition, the direct labor price variance was unfavorable; the direct labor efficiency variance was favorable.Often variances occur simultaneously and provide insight regarding the performance for the period. Indicate one reason for each of two of these variances and ensure your explanation is interrelated, meaning the two events giving rise to the variance occurred simultaneously in a cause and effect manner.For this discussion:Support your position.Attachments: article_05162016.pdf

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