Assignment Create an Outline Useyour prewriting notes to bu

Assignment: Create an Outline Useyour prewriting notes to build an outline using the framework below. Feel freeto use this model outline as an example from which to work. Turn in thecompleted outline, the topic sheet, and the note-taking graphic organizer.Topic:I.Introduction  A. Background Information:  B. Thesis StatementII.Supporting Evidence, Part 1  A. Topic Sentence  B. Evidence from the text  C. Evidence from the text  D. Evidence from the textIII.Supporting Evidence, Part 2A. TopicSentenceB. Evidence from the textC. Evidence from the textD. Evidence from the textIV.Supporting Evidence, Part 3A.  Topic SentenceB.  Evidence from thetextC.  Evidence from thetextD.  Evidence from thetextV.Conclusion  A. Summary of points made in essay  B. Restatement of thesis

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