ASSIGNMENT 3&gt Choose an additional textbook to read based on

ASSIGNMENT 3> Choose an additional textbook to read based on your interest: (1) Gender Issues; (2) Environmental Protection; ( 3) Youth Violence; or (4) Human Rights. First, describe the social issue. Summarize the background of this social issue. Provide a rationale for its significance. Second, identify what you feel is the most important issues related to your specific social issue. Lastly, using the knowledge you have gained from the course readings, design a prevention/intervention program aimed at alleviating your specific social issues. Make sure to include a discussion of the program’s structure, scope, target population, methodology, possible challenges, and potential results.> > Book:> Donnelly, J. (2002). Universal human rights in theory and practice (2nd ed.). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. ISBN 9780801487767.

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