Assignment # 3: Theory of Change Model & Logic Model

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Assignment # 3: Theory of Change Model & Logic Model

Students are expected to create both a Theory of Change Logic Model and a Program Logic Model. Utilizing information gathered from Assignments 1 & 2, students should use “knowledge” to produce assumptions, which will form the foundation of the logic model. Students should be sure to include key elements including resources, activities, outputs, short- and long-term outcomes, and impact. Describe the steps you took to create your logic model, how you considered available resources in your plan, and how you will measure activities to generate outcome data. This assignment should include both a narrative explanation of your programmatic elements in addition to a visual depiction of your logic model (i.e., chart). *Many students choose to make their models via use of PowerPoint. Be sure to also turn in a word document with your narrative if you choose this route. Preferably, put it all into one document

2 pages for 2 models and 4 pages for proper narrative


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