Assignment 3-1 &nbspExplain, if you think that thefollowing be

Assignment 3-1:  Explain, if you think that thefollowing behaviors are examples of classical or operant conditioningand why.  Do this in a word document in full sentences. This assignmentis worth 20 points.1. Whenever Herbie takes his dog for a walk,he puts on a red jacket.  He noticed that one day when he reached forthe jacket; the dog got all excited and ran to the door.2. Yourbest friend has the air conditioning set very low at her house.  Youexperienced shivering when you have been there because you were so cold. Now as you approach her house you start to shiver.3. Herbieparked in a handicapped parking space and got a ticket with a huge fine. Now he is willing to park blocks away and walk to his destination.4.Your psychology teacher decided that dissecting a sheep brain would bebeneficial.  You decided that it was absolutely gross.  At dinner, yourmom put mashed potatoes on your plate and then put a platter of asteamed cauliflower on the table.  You looked at both the potatoes andcauliflower and imagined the sheep brain and left the table screaming.5. Your friend complimented you on your new shorter haircut and since then you have decided to keep your hair short.

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