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Assignment #2* Build A ReportPurpose&nbspExercise, use, Input

    Assignment #2*: Build A ReportPurpose: Exercise, use, Inputs, Outputs, and perform conditional evaluationSubmission:  Assignment must be turned in via e-mail and have all the required documentation.  Each Java class must be in its own file, Zip all the files and submit.Due Date: 06-Jun-16Requirements: (Multiple classes/Multiple types of input)Input: Report Owner’s full name and 7 numbers (at least one double and one integer)The owner’s name cannot contain any special characters, blank spaces, or numbersYou must use an if statement and at least one switch statement in your programYou are not allowed to have static variables or methods in any class except for the class with the main method.You have to have at least 2 classesYou are not allowed to use ArrayLists or Vectors, only primitive arrays or string arrays if you want.You are not allowed to use the string buffers, Hash Maps, IO buffers of any type, Strings only.Application Operation:Input, via a question in the console, the report owner’s first name as a string and build the last name via input, one character at a time.Check, conditionally, to make sure the first name and last name don’t contain any numeric characters, numbers between 0 – 9. If it does you must remove it.  The names cannot contain any white space either or special characters.Input report name via a request from the console.Input, and display, the total of the numeric input after each input is entered. Average the numeric input, indicate lowest numeric input value and the highest numeric input value for the previous numeric inputs, before the next numeric input is asked for. (Example given in class)Have a program exit input, condition, value available (i.e. if you type -1 the program exists)Create and display a final report that should have the report name, owner and the following:Numeric output should appear as a table with the following columns:  (columns should be underlined)Input NumberHighest NumberLowest NumberTotal (by the row)Average NumberAt the end of the report you must have a grand total for the numeric entries*The class outline (UML) is described in figure 5.2, which is required.

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