As a hospital administrator of a large​&nbsphospital, you are

As a hospital administrator of a large​ hospital, you are concerned with the absenteeism among​ nurses’ aides. The issue has been raised by registered​ nurses, who feel they often have to perform work normally done by their aides. To get the​ facts, absenteeism data were gathered for the last three​ weeks, which is considered a representative period for future conditions. After taking random samples of 6464personnel files each​ day, the following data were​ produced:DayAides AbsentDayAides AbsentDayAides Absent166655114424473312333228221377433977143356610771566Because your assessment of absenteeism is likely to come under careful​ scrutiny, you would like a type I error of only 1 percent. You want to be sure to identify any instances of unusual absences. If some are​ present, you will have to explore them on behalf of the registered nurses.a. Design a​ p-chart.The upper control limit is nothingand the lower control limit is nothing. ​(Enter your responses rounded to three decimal places. If your answer for the lower control limit is​ negative, enter this value as 0.​)

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