Article summary

Case Study/cutting Edge Article

Cutting Edge Cruise Line related article: Each student is responsible for finding a cutting edge cruise article in a current Hospitality, Cruise or Maritime journal, newspaper, Cruise magazine, etc. (not more than 1 year old). On the appointed date, each student will submit a 2 page summary of the article.

Ideas for Selecting /Cutting Edge Article 
(Article should be recent news regarding topics surrounding the Cruise Line Industry)

New ways of Staffing/Hiring
Innovative Safety Training
Innovative Environmental Methods
New Technology
News Methods of Training
New Methods of Compensation
Unique Travel Itineraries
Unique Shore Excursions
New and Innovative Fuel Savings Strategies
New Ship Building Methods
Innovative Communication Strategies with Guests or Staff
News Ways of taking care of Guests with Disabilities 
Innovative Guest Services onboard
Innovative Guest Products onboard
Innovative Advertising Channels
Creative Ad Campaigns
Rogue Waves
Innovative Staff Reward/Recognition Methods
New Challenges Facing the Cruise Line Industry
Innovative Leaders shaping the Cruise Line Industry
New Laws pertaining to the Cruise Line Industry
Innovative Leaders shaping the Cruise Line Industry
Associations to join to be informed about the Cruise Line Industry
Magazines/Emagazines, websites, blogs and articles to read to stay up on the Cruise Line
MHA (Marine Hotel Association)


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