Application Paper #1The reaction paper isyour opportunity to

Application Paper #1The reaction paper isyour opportunity to (1) analyze what you have learned from this class, (2)integrate concepts from chapters 2through 4 to elaborate on your explanation of a film or television show’sstory, and (3) illustrate your growing communication competency through youranalysis and your written communication. You need toincorporate at least three terms from chapters 2, 3, or 4. Cite any quotes orparaphrases used from the text or media. Do not cite from the glossary. Iexpect definitions to come from the body of the chapters. Do not plagiarize! FORMATTING:The paper needs to bemore than 1 page and less than 2 pages, double-spaced in 12 pt. Times New Romanfont with 1” margins all around. THE ENTIRE PAPER NEEDS THIS FORMATTING. PAGENUMBERS, HEADING, ETC. Proper grammar and language rules must be followed foryou to receive a desirable grade. PROOFREAD EVERYTHING.  You will be using MLAor APA formatting techniques including a reference page, which cites your textbookand the film properly. Do not include an abstract, headings, or subheadings(i.e. introduction, body, conclusion). DO NOT USE A CITATION GENERATOR (bibme,citationmachine, etc.). DO NOT DO THIS. Youneed to learn to research independently. All you need to know is on the Purduewebsite. Do not send me your reference page ahead of time expecting me to fixit for you.  Here is the websiteyou should use: you hand me yourpaper, and I see issues with font, length, or margins at first glance, I willhand the paper back to you to edit and turn in late, meaning a 15% deduction toyour grade. This paper is worththirty (30) points. THE ASSIGNMENT:·  Pick a movie or a television show (limitit to one specific episode).·  Apply at least three terms to what yousee in that film or TV show. Have some consistency.  Do not jump around concepts to fill up space.Make sure the paper has a general theme and flow. THE FORMAT:·  Introduction: This should preface whatyou will be discussing. This should include both the text you’re evaluating andthe concept. Keep it brief, but it should be at least three sentences. Thereshould be a clear thesis statement at the end of the paragraph. ·  Body: This should illustrate yourunderstanding of the concepts in the text as they relate to the film or TV show.o  If you think it will help, you caninclude a very brief synopsis before jumping into your application (2-3sentences).o  Do not simply gloss over the terms. Iexpect multiple sentences revolving around each term. ·  Conclusion: This should brieflyreiterate your thesis. It should also include a statement of the ways thatknowing how to apply these concepts relates to reality. Off limits terms: perception, language,grammar, all five of the functional communication competencies, nonverbalcommunication, immediacy, deception, nonverbal codes, pitch, tone, volume.

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