application of green roof in addressing and air quality and

application of green roof in addressing and air quality and saving energy i need an essay for this question that include 1. introduction 2. water quality 3. air quality 4 energy saving 5 conclusion 6 referencess and i also need to answer one of these cases either 1 or 2 in only 100 word (choose one)Case 1: Suppose you are hired as the DC Department of Environment and Energy in the water quality division at $50,000.00 per year. Explain how the lesson learned from unit 1 through 5 helps you to become an asset to the division providing that you are still working in your major but you need to apply your major to the water quality management?Case 2: Suppose you visited the most impacted parts of the Anacostia River in DC or Maryland. The level of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) was less than 5mg/l. The water is turbid and green. The odor is bad too. Based on your observation, explain the cause of low DO, green color, turbid and bad odor. Provide suggestion to address this problem.

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