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APA format with an Abstract, &nbspIntroduction, references, in-

    APA format with an Abstract,  Introduction, references, in-text citations and conclusion 5 Pages of content.  Even though the professional development event that you planned on the use of technology in the classroom was largely successful, you still have one teacher on your staff, Pat, who is having difficulty using technology in the classroom.Pat is a veteran English teacher who has taught for 34 years and plans to retire in two years. This teacher does many things very well and is well liked by the students though some have complained of this teacher’s lack of use of technology and the students’ inability to e-mail or use Web document storage sites to submit their assignments. Pat does not use technology to do other daily record-keeping such as reading e-mails, taking attendance, and registering grades electronically. Pat tells all parents and staff to call or visit in person, specifically asking them to not use e-mail. Basically, Pat does not use the computer at all and keeps all attendance and grades on paper by hand in the grade book.While coaching is not just for employees in need of performance improvement, you want to help Pat recognize the value of using technology in the classroom.Develop a coaching plan for this teacher. Be sure the plan includes the following elements:Performance goals for this teacherCaring, professionalism, and consideration in providing assistance to this personHow workplace satisfaction and motivation will be measuredThe timeline for implementing the coaching planStrategies for monitoring the plan while it is being implementedEvaluation strategies for determining the success of the plan

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