Answers MUST equal 800 words for all questions combined plus

Answers MUST equal 800 words for all questions combined plus reference.1. Pick a famous leader from the past 150 years that can also be describedas a teacher. Which of the five types of teacher/leaders presented inthe text do you think best describes this person’s style (shaman,priest, elected leader, missionary, or mystic healer)? Provide examplesto support your decision.2. Manning and Curtis list four major types of change that affect theworkplace: Structure, Tasks, Technology, and People. Research anddescribe an example of each type of change and explain, as a leader,what actions you would take to make each transition easier for employeesto cope with.A. StructureB. TasksC. TechnologyD. People3. How can you recognize if an employee is experiencing burnout, and whatare some steps you can take to help that person recover? Next, describe aprogram you would consider implementing into the workplace to preventfuture burnout.4. In “The One Minute Manager,” Blanchard and Johnson describe threesecrets to leadership success: one-minute goal setting, one-minutepraising, and one-minute reprimand. Explain each in your own words anddescribe how you would incorporate them into your leadership style.A. one-minute goal settingB. one-minutepraisingC. one-minute reprimand

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