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respond to Ceres`s post

In your post, construct clear and concise arguments using evidence-based psychological concepts and theories to create a brief scenario or example of a situation in which your chosen addiction provides both positive and negative potential outcomes for a subject. My scenario involves a man who… Read More »respond to Ceres`s post

Topic 5:2

250 words or more In text-citation and APA references              What are some potential consequences if a professional has loose or poor professional boundaries? What are some factors that may make it difficult to maintain professional boundaries? Fisher, B. (2017) Decoding the Ethics Code: A… Read More »Topic 5:2

psychology help needed

  Child Custody Evaluation Develop an in-depth child custody evaluation outline by completing the following: Complete the referral question section and background history section of the report. Indicate which methodology you would use (including psychological testing). Design a format for your evaluation that answers the… Read More »psychology help needed

Brain View

 Submit a two (2) page write-up (APA format) of the Hypothalamus. In this write-up you will include a brief introduction of the region (name, location, and various functions) and why this region was most interesting to you. Be sure to include personal accounts to connect… Read More »Brain View


Social psychologists have studied the social forces that influence aggressive behavior. Research on aggression highlights personal, situational, and environmental factors that may uniquely influence the likelihood of aggressive behavior (Bushman & Huesmann, 2010). The media in this week’s Learning Resources demonstrates how aggressive behavior happens,… Read More »ss8


   Assignment 2: Professional Licensure Plan In this assignment, you will explore the requirements for licensure in the state where you plan to practice. You will develop a professional licensure plan (PLP) that helps you outline a sequential timeline for acquiring licensure. Tasks: Utah clinical… Read More »AU6106M2A2

milestone 4

Evaluate potential ethical issues that should be considered or guarded against. Explain how the ethical issues have been addressed appropriately within the plan. Please follow the rubric 

mood disorders

In your opinion, are certain mood disorders overly diagnosed in children and adolescents? Support your rationale using specific and insightful examples.

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