answer the following 5 question with at least 250 words each

answer the following 5 question with at least 250 words each ..youmust cite any reference(s) at the end of each question1.   Given that IT is an important aspect of abusiness, is IT a commodity or a unique component of an organization’scompetitive positioning?  State your position and explain the basis of theposition.2.   Discuss in your own words why it is importantto align an organization’s IT Strategy with its Business Strategy and explainwho should take the lead on making sure the two strategies are aligned. 3. Explain inyour own words the importance and benefits (associated outcomes) of using IT portfoliomanagement 4. Explain inyour own words, how IT provides a competitive advantage for an organization 5. Explain inyour own words, what is the difference between core and enabling technology.6.  The pendulum for IT continues to swing from centralization todecentralization, discuss in your own words the differences and the inherentbenefits of each. 7. Identify andexplain the four principles of good communications 8. What is atechnical roadmap  and what are thebenefits of having one 9. Defineinformation technology

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