Annotated Bibliography

Topic attached: labor productivity

Week 6 Written Assignment: Research Project Topic Annotated Bibliography or Financial Statements Tutorial (FST) and Income Statement

This assignment is worth 80 points.

Please add your name and a title to your assignment and attach it as a file.

Research Project Paper: Prepare an Annotated Bibliography with a minimum of 4 peer reviewed journal articles.

Unacceptable sources include Wikipedia, Investopedia, Facebook, Magazine articles, newspaper articles, trade journals, or other non-academic sources.

Typical acceptable sources include: Journal of Economics, Journal of Management, Harvard Business Review, the Economist, etc. If the student is unclear on the meaning of “peer reviewed” journal articles, he/she should contact the Webster University library.

The annotated bibliography must follow the following format:

For EACH of the minimum of 4 peer reviewed articles:

Paragraph 1: summarize the article in one 125 to 175-word paragraph, in your own words; no quoted material.

Paragraph 2: specifically describe how the article is related to your chosen research topic and state which part of your topical outline it will fit into in the final paper. This second paragraph can be done in two or three sentences. 

Business Plan Paper: Complete the Financial Statements Tutorial (FST) and the submit screen captures of the Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet Exercise screens. Also prepare the Income Statement for the first year of your proposed business.

This assignment, which is due on Sunday night of Week 6 of the course, consists of two parts.

Please print the introductory page of the Financial Statements Tutorial (FST). This provides data entry instructions and identifies a few typos that you need to be aware of.

The first part of the assignment requires you to (a) successfully complete the Beta Version Financial Statements Tutorial (FST) for the BUSN 5000 online class located near the bottom of the Course Content Home Page and (b) submit three, one-page screen shot files of the Exercise Summary page for the Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet through the Week 6 Assignment link. This part of the assignment may take 150 to 180 minutes depending on how well you deal with numbers.

You are strongly encouraged to begin working on the Financial Statements Tutorial (FST) in week 2 or 3 to prevent Part 1 of Assignment No. 3 from creeping up on you in Week 6. You access the FST using the link near the bottom of the course Home Page.

The second part of the assignment requires you to prepare an income statement for the first year of your business plan following the guidelines in the Class Resources document entitled Financial Statements—Help in Preparing Them and the format used in the sample business plans.

Part 1 (40 points): Access the Beta Version Financial Statements Tutorial for the BUSN 5000 online class and work through all five parts. Then you will need to capture screen shot files of the Part 2: Income Statement, Part 3: Cash Flow Statement, and Part 4: Balance Sheet Exercise Summary screens. Separate instructions for capturing the screen shot files are attached below. You may submit one file of the three summary screen shots or three files; we prefer one file but will accept three files.

Part 2 (40 points): Prepare a one-page income statement for the first year of the business you are planning to open, using appropriate categories of revenue and expenses. For assistance in identifying categories and sub-categories of revenue and expenses, refer to the Financial Statements–Help in preparing them link in the Class Resources area (particularly pages 6 through 8 of “Financial Statement Preparation Guidance Instructions: Financial Statement Entry Matrix”) and/or IRS Form 1040, Schedule C.

For example, under operating expenses list rent, utilities, payroll, depreciation expenses, insurance, and so on. This part of the assignment is designed to help you with your business plan assignment. If you have a service business and do not sell tangible items that require you to maintain an inventory, you will not have to include a Cost of Goods Sold section in your Income Statement. Please round off cents to the nearest whole dollar value – do not show cents values.

Please pose specific questions in the Discussions area under the Business Plan Project Questionstopic (released at the start of Week 3) so your classmates can benefit from my responses. I will not respond to a question that asks, “Please let me know if this is right before I submit it.”

This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. CT, Sunday of Week 6. Please submit your four files as attachments through the Week 6 Assignments link of the course: three screen shots for the Part 1 tutorial summary screens and one file for the Part 2 Income Statement for the first year of your business plan. Remember that you are required to use Word and Excel in this course. Do not try to use Word Perfect, Lotus, or other applications. Please include your last name as part of the file name, and put your name and the date at the top of your Word-file or Excel-file submissions.

Note: You must submit the three Exercise Summary screen shot files for Part 1 of Assignment No. 3 and the first year Income Statement for your business plan for Part 2 of the assignment at the same time through the Week 6 Assignment link. You cannot submit these files at different times. At the bottom of the tutorial there is a link for attaching screen shots for PC and Mac computers.


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