An internet provider asks a consultant to contact 130 reside

An internet provider asks a consultant to contact 130 residentialclients and measure their level of satisfaction with their internetservice.  The consultant obtains analphabetized  list of client names andstarting with the letter A, uses a random number generator to pick five namesfrom this group.  The consultant uses thesame selection method for each of the other 25 letters and combines the 5 × 26= 130 names into a group of clients to be surveyed.  Which of the following statements is true?A)  The selection methodmakes use of chance.  B)  The selection methodresults in a single-stage cluster sample.  C)  Each client has an equalprobability of being included in the survey. D)  The selection methodintroduces bias through sampling error.   E)  For a sample this size, it is best to let theresearcher hand pick a representative set of clients

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