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Here are your essay topics for Kant and Nietzsche.  Remember, Choose ONLY ONE of the following options.  Your essays need to be 350-750 words (NOT INCLUDING YOUR NAME).  Also, do not use any quotes, as they chew up the word count, and I want you to explain things in your own words.  Also, if you use outside sources, that is totally fine, but YOU NEED TO CITE THEM!  To be clear, even if you do not directly quote the source, if you use the ideas therein, it needs to be properly attributed.  

OK, Here are the topics:

Option #1: Kant

According to Kantian Ethics, any established moral principle must be universalized.  In other words, according to Kant, if we agree that a particular type of action is morally right, than there can be no exceptions to the rule whatsoever.  In your essay, explain Kant’s position on universal moral principles (hint: a discussion of the categorical imperative would be useful).  Following your overview of Kant’s argument, provide your OWN argument either for or against Kant’s claims.  I want to say once again that your own argument MUST BE MORE THAN 2-3 SENTENCES.  It is not good enough to simply say “I agree” or “I disagree”.  I need you to explain, in detail, WHY.

Option #2: Nietzsche

In his Genealogy of Morals, Nietzsche argues that morals have evolved over time, from a Master morality, which favored Power and wealth, to what Nietzsche labels a “slave morality”, which, on his view, purports to hold poverty and weakness as virtues.  In your essay, first explain why/how Nietzsche believes the transition from Master to Slave morality occurred.  Following this, you must additionally explain why Nietzsche believes that the Slave morality is so detrimental to humanity as a whole.  Finally, you must provide your own argument either for or against Nietzsche’s assessment of morality


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