Advanced Accounting ( In a one-page paper, I want you to answer the following questions:

I’m stuck on a Accounting question and need an explanation.

I want you to pull the 10K’s for the companies listed below:

A. Cummins, Inc

B. Caterpillar

In a one-page paper, I want you to answer the following questions: “based on chapter 8.”

1. The two most important operating segments in terms of percentage of total revenue for each company

2. The two most profitable operating segments in terms of profit margin for each company.

The companies 10k can be pulled from the SEC Edgar system at (under Filings, click Company Filings Search, type in Company Name, and under Filing Type, search for 10-K). Access the most recent annual report (will be most likely 2018) for each of the following companies to complete the assignment.

here is the first company Cummins, Inc

the second company Caterpillar

find the chapter 8 slides is attached


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