About Us

This is the reason and how Classaider.com exist

Classaider.com is a simple yet strong community, whose reputation makes us proud to talk about it. It is also good to mention that this platform began as an idea by educators, who had struggled with their school life. As such, the vision of Classaider.com is to see all students enjoy school, by reducing all barriers that lead to low grades and stress. Our mission is to offer quality academic writing services and products, which will earn our clients excellent performance. Our goal is to make you happy. We are able to achieve that through a friendly ecosystem, where everyone including the customer, support team, and writers collaborate to achieve the mission, mission, and the goal of Classaider.com.

One of the critical cog in this system is our expert writers. These are the geniuses of our system, the masterminds who secure you an excellent grade. We have made sure to pick the best for you, each one being a specialist in a subject area. Their roles include delivering quality assignments, following instructions as described by the customer, communicating with the customer, and ensuring customer satisfaction. We have deliberately maintained a fairly small team of writers for Classaider.com, as quality surpasses quantity.

Another important organ of classaider.com is our support team. The team is made up of several dedicated men and women who make sure to address all of your concerns, and make sure the ordering process is smooth and simple. Their roles include welcoming you to Classaider.com, answering all your inquiries, addressing all of your immediate concerns, and enabling effective communication. This are at the core of the ordering process, and the academic writing service in general.

The other element of classaider.com community is the management. We are the custodians of the mission, vision, and goals for the platform, to ensure our customers receive the best academic or assignment writing services.  Basically, we are the managers and quality analysts who oversee the whole process, ensuring that the customer is happy during and after the order process. We are also dedicated to ensure that our writers are up to date with the current syllabuses and books which are recommended by schools at a given time. 

As proof of our expertise in the academic writing service, we offer assignment samples upon request. We also offer some products which agencies actually charge. For instance, we have offered outlines and step-by-step guides for conducting research. The good thing is, some of our writers and all the quality analysts are educators. This is critical since they will help you understand what your professor is looking for in the assignment. How else can we avoid disappointment other than consulting someone who better understands your assignment?  

We hope you have enjoyed learning about us, and now you are confident to order your first or subsequent paper. If so, click the button below.