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A3-leg intersection currently controlled by a yield sign con

    A3-leg intersection currently controlled by a yield sign connects Big Avenue, a 2-lanehighway, to Blue Street, a 2-lane highway. The approach speeds are 40 mph for Big and 30 mph for Blue.  The city has parking along Big Avenue andthere have been several near misses (crashes avoided the last minute) in thepast year.  The parking is located 200 ftfrom each corner of the intersection. All lanes are 12 ft wide, the parking lane is 8 feet, the approacheshave grades less than 3%, and the design vehicle is a single unit truck.  Determine:a. (5pts)whether the parking interferes with the current design (need to justify theanswer; a simple yes/no is not adequate);b. (5pts) if it interferes, the new distance(s) to resolve this problem;(5 pts) whether parking will interfere if a stop signis used and the stop line is located 15 ft from the curb

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