A new satellite data processing center has just been complet

A new satellite data processing center has just been completed and ready for the initial testing using live data being sent down from an orbiting satellite.  As the very first messages are displayed on the screen and you notice many of the data values are wildly out of range.  For example, on the terminal screen is something defined as “delta time” and it seems to be out of the expected range [0.01 to 10,000.00 seconds], but the value displayed (as a double) is [-4.12318024e-028 seconds].  After further investigation into the raw byte-based data stream, you find the original data being sent down from the satellite for this double word as [0xC0 0x83 0xA1 0xCA 0x66 0x55 0x40 0xBA].  On one of the old terminals, this data is displayed correctly and is within the expected range. a. What caused this problem?b. If this is the real problem, what should the actual value be?

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