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    ———————————————————————-Preparation Guidelines: Please ensure your name, course name and number, and dateappear on each one of the assignments you turn in. Use headings to organizeyour paper and to ensure that each section of the assignment has beenaddressed. Minimum page limits have not been set as quality is more importantthan quantity. All assignments are to be word-processed, double spaced,paginated, and saved to either Word (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf)documents. The textbooks are identified and shown in American PsychologicalAssociation (APA) citation format. When used as a reference in an assignment,they must be appropriately cited and listed separately on a reference page. Ifyou have questions, you may contact me for clarification.———————————————————————-ASSIGNMENT 1Read Prevention Is Primary, which provides models,methods, and approaches for building health and equity in communities. First,summarize the main points in each chapter. Next, give your opinion of theauthors’ ideas. How do they compare to your Book:  Cohen, L., Chavez, V., & Chehimi, S., (2010).Prevention is primary: Strategies for community well-being (2nd ed.). New York:John Wiley. ISBN 9780470550953.

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