7. A 37-year-old female presented with epigastric pain forth

7. A 37-year-old female presented with epigastric pain forthe last 3 days and two episodes of bilious vomiting. Fouryears earlier, she presented with similar complaints and wasdiagnosed as having acute pancreatitis with type 2 diabetes,hypertension, and combined dyslipidemia (elevated LDLand VLDL). Treatment was started with insulin, telmisartan,atorvastatin, and a low-fat diet. Which of the following additionaldrugs is required to fully treat her dyslipidemia?(A) Cholestyramine(B) Ezetimibe(C) Gemfibrozil(D) Mipomersen(E) Pravastatin8. While on vacation, a 35-year-old man with a 10-year historyof myasthenia gravis loses his supply of medications. He isnow admitted to the emergency department complainingof diplopia, dysarthria, and difficulty swallowing. The mostappropriate drug from the following list for reversing myastheniccrisis in this patient is(A) Calcium(B) Neostigmine(C) Pralidoxime(D) Succinylcholine(E) Vecuronium9. A 4-year-old child was brought to an emergency departmentafter ingesting a product found in the home. Her signs andsymptoms include an elevated temperature; hot, dry skin;moderate tachycardia; and mydriasis. The most likely causeof these symptoms is(A) Acetaminophen overdose(B) Amphetamine-containing diet pills(C) Exposure to an organophosphate-containing insecticide(D) Ingestion of a medication containing atropine(E) Ingestion of phenylephrine-containing eye drops10. A patient is admitted to a hospital emergency department 2h after taking an overdose of diazepam. The plasma level ofthe drug at time of admission is 40 mg/L, and the apparentvolume of distribution, half-life, and clearance of diazepamare 80 L, 40 h, and 35 L/day, respectively. The ingested dosewas approximately(A) 1.3 g(B) 2.4 g(C) 3.2 g(D) 4.8 g(E) 6.4 g11. A semiconscious patient in the intensive care unit is beingartificially ventilated. Random spontaneous respiratorymovements are rendering the mechanical ventilation ineffective.A useful drug to reduce the patient’s ineffective spontaneousrespiratory activity is(A) Baclofen(B) Dantrolene(C) Pancuronium(D) Neostigmine(E) Succinylcholine12. A child with strabismus (“wandering eye”) is to be treatedpharmacologically for a prolonged period. Which of the followingdrugs is used by the topical route in ophthalmologyand causes mydriasis and cycloplegia lasting more than 24 h?(A) Atropine(B) Echothiophate(C) Edrophonium(D) Pilocarpine(E) Timolol13. A 55-year-old surgeon has developed symmetric early morningstiffness in her hands. She wishes to take a nonsteroidalanti-inflammatory drug to relieve these symptoms. Whichdrug is an NSAID that is appropriate for chronic therapy ofher arthritis?(A) Colchicine(B) Hydroxychloroquine(C) Indomethacin(D) Naproxen(E) Sulfasalazine14. A 36-year-old man presents with tingling and neuropathicpain in his feet. Blood test reveals macrocytic anemia. Whichof the following drugs will probably be required in this case?(A) Erythropoietin(B) Filgrastim(C) Folic acid(D) Iron dextran(E) Vitamin B1215. A 72-year-old man with atrial fibrillation required oralanticoagulation to reduce his risk of ischemic stroke. Hewas started on rivaroxaban. What is the molecular target ofrivaroxaban?(A) Antithrombin III(B) Factor X(C) Factors IX, X, VII, and II(D) Plasmin(E) Thrombin16. A 55-year-old man with a strong family history of cardiovasculardisease has moderate hypertension and angina pectoris.Blood pressure is 160/109 mm Hg, and the ECG shows leftventricular hypertrophy. The rest of his physical examinationand laboratory results are normal. His angina is precipitatedby exercise. You have been asked to recommend a drugregimen for both conditions. The antihypertensive drug mostlikely to aggravate angina pectoris is(A) Captopril(B) Clonidine(C) Hydralazine(D) Methyldopa(E) Propranolol17. A 55-year-old woman underwent chemotherapy for breastcancer. The chemotherapy reduced her neutrophils to nearzero. Which of the following will accelerate the recovery ofher neutrophils?(A) Eltrombopag(B) G-CSF(C) Oprelvekin(D) Romiplostim(E) Vitamin B12

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