(6) different times in history where Americans have been treated as ”them,”and provide.

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ENEMYis a powerful word. Most of us could name a few people we don’t like. In a debate or on the basketball court, we square off against our opponents. When we apply for a job or run for office, we hope to outperform our rivals. Life is full of small battles, but few of us have what we would call real enemies.

War is a different story. When Congress declares war–or the President sends troops into a foreign conflict–another country, officially or unofficially, becomes ‘the enemy.’ In some cases, such as World War II and September 11th, the sense of physical danger or moral outrage is so widespread that practically every American–both on and off the battlefield–feels a personal stake in the struggle. Other conflicts, such as the one in Vietnam, have divided our nation and failed to create a common perception of ‘the enemy.’

Every military engagement is a struggle on the home front as well as on the front line. In addition to the concerns of the war itself, Americans must decide how to treat their fellow citizens who have ties to the foreign foe. Conflict with other countries can bring out hidden prejudices in our own neighborhoods. Often in our history, war has caused certain Americans to be treated as “them.”

Think about (6) different times in history where Americanshave been treated as ”them,”and provide:

  • Thorough discussion of each
  • By who, why, where, when
  • Under what conditions

Make sure you provide comprehensiveresponses. ReviewAPA formattingand provide references for each of your six (6) examples,both in-text and on reference page.


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