#3Client Services Read the following scenario and questions.

#3Client Services Read the following scenario and questions. Write adetailed response explaining the steps that you would use in helping youragency to coordinate client services more effectively.Scenario:You are in your second year of working as a family prevention specialist for amental health agency. Most of your time is spent assisting families who haveone or both parents enrolled in one of your agency’s treatment programs. Thekey purpose of your job is to meet families every few weeks in their home toteach them to use effective communication and family management skills.However, lately, you and your coworkers have noticed that the clients need morereferrals for substance abuse programs, parenting classes, and welfareservices. One family whose members have been your clients for a month now hasbeen unable to work on the prevention program because of their extreme needs.This week, you realized that the mother, who is theclient of your agency, seemed to be despondent, and the father was drunk. Theirthree children, ages 2, 4, and 6 told you that they were hungry because theyhad not eaten that day. You are overwhelmed listening to all of this and thenyou notice that the lights are out. The father explains that they could not paythe electric company that month.After reading this scenario, make a list of all of theservices that you think your agency can provide to help the family. Then, makea list of the services that other agencies would have to provide for them. Inyour post, add the list of services needed and describe the steps that youwould take to coordinate these services for the family.Would you make a child abuse report because of whatyou see while at the family’s residence? Support your ideas with a detailedexplanation as to why you would or would not make a report.#4When working with people, there is always a need for self-awarenessso that countertransference does not occur. Give one example whencountertransference can negatively affect the client and crisis-interventionworker. How can countertransference lead to problems both for the client andfor the crisis-intervention worker? Is there any possibility thatcountertransference could lead to a dual relationship? Why, or why not?Confidentiality is the most important part of theethical code. Many times, however, a counselor may have to breachconfidentiality. What are the reasons for the breach in confidentiality? How doyou feel about having to breach confidentiality once you have given your clientyour trust to not release any information about them to others? Support youranswers with examples from personal experience and the textbook.

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