3 questionsshould be answered about the law in the U.SI want

3 questionsshould be answered about the law in the U.SI want you toanswer these three questions about law. Each question should be answered in onepage single space, or tow pages double space. The person how want to answerthem must be knowledgeable about the law in the U.S.I want you touse the attached references. You can also use beside other resources. Make surethat you cite and quote.Thank you.Here your arewith an introduction with the 3 questions;AdministrativeLaw and Modern Constitutional TheoryTheadministrative state is a central feature of modern constitutionaltheory.  It is central because the administrative state describes thepolitical system in which Americans now live.  Moreover, this topic isunavoidable for two major reasons.  First, the combination of agencyfunctions—legislative, executive, and judicial—in the same agencies challengeour basic notions underlying the separation of powers doctrine.  Second,despite our aspirations for a government of laws, the bureaucracy and those whostaff it (public administrators) have tremendous discretion in implementing andenforcing public policies.  This vast amount of discretion is arguablyonly controlled on the margins by the major political institutions ofgovernment.  For these reasons, the legitimacy of the administrative stateis a constant issue ripe for debate.  Let’s debate the followingquestions:1. What are the essential concerns of study of administrative law and how do theyrelate to modern constitutional theory?2. Are bureaucracy and democracy compatible?3. The U.S. constitutional separation of powers was designed well before thegrowth of the administrative state.  Over the years, the politicalinstitutions of government—the Congress, the president, and the courts—havetried to “retrofit” the administrative state into our original constitutionaldesign.  If you could make three changes to the separation of powers toimprove control by our political institutions—Congress, the president, and the courts–overthe discretion exercised by administrative agencies what would those changesbe?  Why? Sources must beused when answering the questions•  Daniel E. Hall, Administra*ve Law:Bureaucracy in a Democracy (Sixth EdiHon) (PrenHce-Hall: Saddle River,N.J., 2015). Introduction,’  Chapter 1SheliaKennedy and David Schultz, American Public Service: Cons*tu*onal and EthicalFounda*ons. (Jones & Bartlef   Beckett, ‘Public Management and Understanding Public Law.’ Chapter 1.•      Szypszak, ‘EducatingYourself About the Law,’  in Understanding Law forPublic •      Administration,’Chapter 15.    The Nature of Legal Research (Handouts).  (Materials dealing with legalresea

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