2.&nbsp(TCO 3) Michael is a professor of Mathematics with DeVry

2. (TCO 3) Michael is a professor of Mathematics with DeVry University and is going to prepare a series of statistical or charts which show the academic success rates of students for each earned letter grade including A, B, C, D, and F letter values. The charts will be presented to all math majors during a special scheduled session and then to all non-math majors during other multiple scheduled sessions. Before any presentation, Michael had a meeting with the academic chair, Sally, and the following concerns were expressed. You decide to help Michael create a document formalizing suggestions based on your extensive experience working with Microsoft Excel charts.Part 1: The academic chair loves all charts; however, she instructs Michael to consider if all charts are appropriate for non-math majors. For example, Michael created some box and whisker diagrams also known as Box Plots and non-math majors may not understand how to read these types of charts so what other types of charts could Michael consider creating to display academic success rates for earned letter values including A, B, C, D, and F grades and why? Part 2: Michael also created some histogram charts which are simply customized column charts. Since normal column charts are used often even for non-math majors, would you suggest that Michael also show the histogram charts to the non-math majors? Why or why not?Part 3: Michael also used some well-balanced creativity using color choices including light earthly tone reds and greens; however, should Michael consider that some audience members whether math or non-math majors may be colored blind? Why or why not?

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