2 Essays should be 4-6 paragraphs long, answering the questi

2 Essays should be 4-6 paragraphs long, answering the question in an introductory paragraph and developing that answer through subsequent paragraphs and a conclusion.1. There are two complementary yet distinct understandings of God in the two Genesis creation stories. Drawing on Weaver’s outline of some Christian doctrines about God (Weaver p. 100-104), what are the primary characteristics of God in story one and story two? Use specific details to support your judgment. Are these characteristics the same or different in the two stories? How should the reader make sense of the similarities and differences of the depiction of God in the two stories? 2. There are interesting similarities and differences in the way the human being is depicted in the two Genesis creation stories, with regard to how humanity is created, what humanity’s primary function is, what humanity’s relationship to God is like. What is similar and different in each story about the creation of humanity? What do we learn about the Bible’s vision of what “being human” means from these two chapters of Genesis?

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