1. Reflect on the socialinstitutions we have discussed in th

1. Reflect on the socialinstitutions we have discussed in the course (i.e. schools, workplace, grouporganizations, religious institutions, family, friendships, politics,etc.).  Provide an example of how you have been impacted by a socialinstitutions (s) in terms of communication.  In addition, provide anexample of how your culture or another cultural group can be impacted by socialinstitutions in terms of communication behavior.  Be detailed and specificwith your examples. Apply concepts of communication, language, context andsocial intuitions that we have discussed in your answer.2. Select a specific componentof culture (i.e. an artifact, value, belief, ritual, holiday, art, symbol,norm, literature, or language). Describe how this specific component hasinfluenced the culture it is associated with. Your answer should begrammatically correct and detailed.3. Recall a situation in whichyou realized language had a significant role in a social or cultural speakingsituation. How did the speaker adapt their language in order to bettercommunicate a message either to another individual, small group, or during aspeech?  Provide details and specifics of the speaking event. Please useconcepts of language and social or cultural context that we have discussed inthe course.

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