1.) Obtain the Statement of Cash Flows for 2012 to 2014using

1.) Obtain the Statement of Cash Flows for 2012 to 2014using the Direct Methods in preparing the Statement of Cash Flows. 2.) Verify the net change in Cash Balance in using the NetCash Flow in the Statement of Cash Flows. If the balances do not matchprecisely, what is (are) the possible reason(s) for this difference? 3.) Provide the Cash Flow from Operation using the IndirectMethod and verify the result with 1). 4.) In your opinion(s) when using the free cash flowposition of the firm, do you think the firm is performing well or not? Why orwhy not?5.) Suppose that the firm used the LIFO inventorymethod currently to obtain the inventory assessments. Let the LIFO reserves be$327, $427, -$158, $305, -$108 (in millions) for the years from 2010 to 2014respectively. What will be the cost of goods sold for the years from 2011 to2014 if the firm applied the FIFO method instead? What is the impact of thesechanges on the firm’s net income, assets and cash flows from operation? Showyour results in calculation and interpret them

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