1) &nbspSOC 1010- Week 5 Discussion (Due Wednesday 09/21 @ 120

1)  SOC 1010- Week 5 Discussion (Due Wednesday 09/21 @ 12:00noon)After reflecting on the text’s explanation for our high rate of divorce, do you think that a substantial reduction of this rate is likely in the foreseeable future? How might we attempt to attain such a reduction? Would the social consequences of such a program be, on the whole, socially beneficial?Be sure to support your response with information you gleaned from the readings and other research you might have done.(citations and references) At least 300 words minimum.Class Material: Macionis,John T. (2005). Sociology (15th ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall.2)  SOC 1010-Comprehensive Assignment (Due Saturday 09/24)This week you will focus on the family, sexuality, aging and the elderly. Your submission should specifically address:1. Using your chosen sociological paradigm/theory discuss what constitutes family.2. How many people are in the family? What are the customs and norms of the family?3. How many generations of families are allowed?4. What are the different sexual orientations and what do they mean?5. What role does family play in your society? Does divorce exist? Are there other means to terminate marriage and families?6. Describe the elderly. What do they look like? What things are they required to do? How are they treated and supported throughout the society?This assignment should be in APA format and include references and citations as warranted and should be no less than 1 1/2 – 2 pages ********************************************************************************************************************* Research in Criminal Justice CRJ2900 1) Week 5 Discussion Board  (Due Wednesday 09/21 @ 12:00noon)Why is it important to check all of the facts before you submit a report or full research?  Use the Rolling Stone article as your example on UVA on rape.All discussion boards must have a minimum of 150 words.  It must follow the APA format with citations one of which must be your text. Include referencesClass Material: Reynolds, J. (2011). The criminal justice report writing guide for officers. Winter Haven, FL: Polk State College; ISBN 9781470164454 2) Research Paper—First Draft (Due Wednesday 9:00pm) Pick up off of last week outline (background checks)The student will submit a detailed draft of the research paper. The first draft must contain the paper’s introduction, thesis, outline, body, and conclusion. It must also include citations and a reference as described in the APA manual 6th edition. The first draft does not need to be complete; however, it must contain all the elements noted in the grading rubric. The body must be at least two pages (not including the reference page) and must reflect a good faith effort on the project.

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