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1. &nbspNew years resolution in a new lightThink about your he

    1.  New year’s resolution in a new lightThink about your health-related resolution from the first discussion in Unit 5, New Year’s Resolution. Looking at it from a social-ecological model, what could you have done differently to address barriers? In one or two paragraphs, address the levels of the social-ecological model to identify ways in which the community and health care system could support or empower you and others with similar resolutions in keeping them (realizing that ultimately your resolution is your responsibility).2.Beyond the IndividualOften, a behavior change program such as tobacco cessation or weight management is directed at the individual, even if the individual is a youth. In one or two paragraphs, address the following questions:How would you address the levels of implementation?How would you involve the family in making lifestyle changes?Do you think this will be effective? Why or why not?(Don’t forget to consider the health belief model, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and Prochaska’s stages of change.)

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