1.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Answer the below questions in regards to you comp

1.     Answer the below questions in regards to you company “Amazon.com.”2.     Must be in Microsoft word.3.     State your company at the top of your paper.4.     Write the question out then provide your response. 5.     All responses need to be thoroughly thought out.6.     Provide the references of where you obtain your information7.     No Plagiarism. QUESTIONS 1.     What are the phases of the “Product Life Cycle”? How can you extend the life of a product in decline?2.     Does Amazon.com offer a product or a service or a combination of both? Explain.3.     What is the name of the advertising firm that handles Amazon.com?4.     How much did Amazon.com spend on advertising last year?5.     Does Amazon.com make use of any consumer promotional activities (like coupons, etc.). If so what?6.     What phase of the Product Life Cycle is Amazon.com primary product or service in? Explain.7.     What it is the primary media format(s) used by Amazon.com for advertising?8.     What are four differences between a product and a service?9.     Is it easier for a company to recover customers from a bad experience with a product or a service? Explain.10.  What is the function of marketing?

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