1.&nbsp What doesNietzsche mean he says that passions drag dow

1.  What doesNietzsche mean he says that passions ‘drag down their victim’ (para.1)?  hemeans that the urge to have sex, or the sexual desires, of a person. He goes onto say that we shouldnt kill the passions, but just control them.2.  Why does he claimthere is a war on the passions?3.  Why does Nietzschemake several references to stupidity in the opening paragraph?    Stupidity was the reason for Christianityto ban passion completely.4.  Is there such athing as a spiritualization of passion?5.  Why does Nietzscheconsider moderation an important quality?6.  In what sense islove a spiritualization of sensuality?7.  What is ‘theinternal enemy’ (para. 6)?  ‘theinternal enemy’ was a phrase used by some Americans to speak of slaves,especially during times of war.8.  Is there such athing as ‘healthy morality’ (para. 8)?  9.  Whatis Nietzsche’s view of the Ten Commandments?

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