1.Is Henkels approach to strategy execution shaped suffic

1.Is Henkel’s approach to strategy execution shaped sufficiently by its missionand values? How does the company’s approach to staffing the organization andbuilding organizational capabilities support its strategy? Does its approach todecision making support good strategy execution? Why or why not?2.Evaluate the key strategy implementation efforts at Henkel. Has managementallocated sufficient resources to the strategy execution effort? Exercisedstrong leadership to propel strategy execution forward? Instituted policies andprocedures that facilitate good strategy execution? Explain. 3.How does Henkel link rewards and incentives to strategically-important employeebehaviors and the company’s targeted outcomes? 4.What are the key features of Henkel’s organizational culture? Does thiscompany’s culture support good strategy execution? Explain. 5.Is the current strategy for Henkel producing good strategic and financialresults? What are some key indicators of performance?6.What business strategy recommendations would you make to Kaspar Rorsted,Henkel’s CEO? Should the company redouble its efforts to broaden its leadershipand cultural diversity? Should the company consider new strategic partnershipsor new acquisitions? Are there other potential strategic options that he needsto consider? Please justify your recommendations by outlining the pros and consof each.

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