002 ASSIGNMENT SHEET (Peace Essay)Objective Write an 2-3 pa

002 ASSIGNMENT SHEET (Peace Essay)Objective: Write an 2-3 page essay on an aspect of peace. Please be original and provide everything needed!We often think of peace in reference to “war and peace.”There are two kinds of peace: negative peace and positive peace.The first is defined by the absence of conflict; the second goes beyond that and is marked by harmony and compassion.Sometimes we will settle for the first kind of peace, but, ultimately it’s the second kind for which we strive.In this essay, you will reflect on some aspect of peace that speaks to your life.You will try to dig deeply and share your thoughts with your readers—your classmates and instructor.General Topic Examples: national peace; peace with one’s body; spiritual peace; political peace; symbols of peace; notable figures or characters of peace; racial peace; peace and aging; familial peace; peace and sports; peace and the arts; peace and marriage; peace and inter-personal communication.Evaluative Criteria: These are the main things I will be using to assess your essay.1.A good hook/introduction.I would not suggest starting with a general discussion about peace (or the assignment).Instead, I would try to find something specific and eye-opening.Perhaps a quirky detail.Perhaps a story.But I wouldn’t start with a definition.2.Uniqueness/originality.I want to see that you’ve thought about the topic and didn’t force it last minute.I want to see that you care about the topic.This may be evident through the depth of your thoughts and questions, the attention to detail, the types of sources you bring in.3.Thesis statement.There should be one line in your introduction that captures the heart of your essay.4.Connection to audience.Your readers for this particular assignment is the class.Your goal is to get us interested.5.Implications/urgency.I want to know why this topic matters to us.Your job, then, is to help us see why this discussion is worth having now.Help us think through your focus and to make the connections that you see.6.Although you do not need research for the first draft, your final draft will need to incorporate some.Think of this as bringing other voices into your work.I don’t want this to be a solo work.While your voice and reflections are the focus of the essay, it’ll be stronger with some support.

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